Artist Boggi Kopec

Bogdan Kopec loves to paint. Working with dedicated patience toward capturing reality his subjects incorporate harmonic landscapes, gentle faces and beautiful objects. His ability to see nature with a sensitive eye is to say the least a complete contradiction as to how he presently makes his living. In the world of business, Bogdan Kopec is the owner of one of the most famous Heavy Metal music labels in Germany. With his companies of Gun Records and Drakkar Records such acts as Guano Apes, HIM and Nightwish were discovered and released. Lordi, the 2006 Eurovision winners from Finland were also under his label.

Throughout his youth Kopec had discovered an enthusiasm for art and a desire to paint but the music business left little time to pursue his artistic passion. Part of the business involved travel outside of Germany and on these trips Greece became his favorite destination. The cosmopolitan attraction of Mykonos and its Cycladic charm inspired the artist in him and now for over 15 years Kopec returns regularly to be a part-time resident.

During his time on the island Kopec met with renowned Mykonos artist, Brian Aurelio Piccini. Their friendship developed and so did Kopec's desire to pursue his passion to be an artist. With Piccini as a mentor his work improved rapidly giving confidence to move from the genera of landscape on into that of portraiture.

Now, even though the time to dedicate himself to his art is still somewhat limited, Kopec considers himself a serious "professional amateur" and looks forward to the day he will submerse himself totally into his life as an artist. In meantime Kopec is able to look back on many exhibitions in Germany and Greece.

All of Kopec's displayed paintings are works of acrylic on canvas. Excellent high quality reproductions on canvas are available on request at reasonable prices. Please ask for prices of the originals.




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